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Nimyle Lemongrass Floor Cleaner, 500 ml


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Nimyle Lemongrass Floor Cleaner in a generous 500ml pack offers you a refreshing and effective way to keep your floors clean and fragrant. Infused with natural lemongrass extracts, this floor cleaner provides powerful cleaning action while being gentle on the environment.

The invigorating aroma of lemongrass adds a refreshing touch to your home while effectively removing dirt, stains, and germs from various floor surfaces. Whether it’s tiles, marble, or vinyl, Nimyle Lemongrass Floor Cleaner tackles tough stains and leaves your floors looking spotless.

What sets Nimyle Lemongrass Floor Cleaner apart is its eco-friendly formulation. It is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for your family and pets. Embrace a greener and healthier cleaning routine by choosing this natural and sustainable floor cleaner.

With Nimyle Lemongrass Floor Cleaner, you can enjoy a cleaner and fresher living space while contributing to a cleaner planet. The powerful cleaning action combined with the refreshing lemongrass fragrance creates an inviting atmosphere in your home.

At Desidukan Belghoria, we ensure that you receive authentic Nimyle Lemongrass Floor Cleaner 500ml sourced from trusted suppliers. Experience the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning with the convenience of Nimyle Lemongrass Floor Cleaner.

Elevate your cleaning routine with the natural goodness of lemongrass. Buy Nimyle Lemongrass Floor Cleaner 500ml from Desidukan Belghoria and enjoy a cleaner and greener home environment for you and your loved ones.


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Nimyle Lemongrass Floor Cleaner, 500 ml