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Kellogg’s Multigrain Chocos Promo Pack ,1.37g


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Kellogg’s Multigrain Chocos Promo Pack, weighing 1.37g, offers a delightful and nutritious breakfast option. This cereal packs a blend of multiple grains, providing a wholesome start to your day. You can indulge in the crunchy and chocolatey chocos, which brim with essential nutrients that will fuel your mornings with energy and vitality.

By choosing Kellogg’s Multigrain Chocos Promo Pack, you can relish a balanced breakfast that combines taste and nutrition seamlessly. We craft this cereal from a medley of whole grains such as wheat, corn, rice, oats, and barley, offering a diverse and nutritious profile. These grains are renowned for their high fiber content, aiding digestion and promoting a feeling of satiety, ensuring you stay satisfied until your next meal.

What sets Kellogg’s Multigrain Chocos apart is its delightful chocolate flavor, which appeals to both kids and adults alike. The perfect blend of crispy chocos and rich chocolatey taste provides a guilt-free indulgence that satisfies your sweet cravings while delivering essential nutrients.

Kellogg’s Multigrain Chocos Promo Pack not only offers a delicious breakfast but also ensures convenience. The pack contains 1.37kg of cereal, guaranteeing a sufficient supply to enjoy over an extended period. You can effortlessly store it in your pantry, allowing you to have a quick and nourishing breakfast at your convenience.

Embark on your day with a bowl of Kellogg’s Multigrain Chocos and relish the goodness of multiple grains in every mouthful. Whether you pair it with milk or savor it as a crunchy snack on its own, this cereal will keep you energized and content throughout the day. Treat yourself and your family to the irresistible taste and nutritional benefits of Kellogg’s Multigrain Chocos Promo Pack.

Shop now at Desidukan, your trusted online store in Belghoria, Kolkata, and make Kellogg’s Multigrain Chocos an essential part of your daily breakfast routine. With its tantalizing flavor and nourishing ingredients, it’s an active and healthy breakfast choice that you can enjoy with confidence.





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Kellogg’s Multigrain Chocos Promo Pack ,1.37g