Natural Raisins (Kismis), 100 gm


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Natural Raisins (Kismis) – 100g

Description: Discover the goodness of Natural Raisins (Kismis) – a wholesome and nutritious snack that will satisfy your taste buds. These plump and succulent raisins are carefully sourced and sun-dried to preserve their natural sweetness and flavor.

Packed with essential nutrients like iron, potassium, and antioxidants, Natural Raisins (Kismis) offer a convenient way to boost your health and energy levels. They make for a delicious addition to your breakfast cereals, yogurt, salads, and desserts.

At Desidukan Belghoria, we ensure the highest quality of Natural Raisins (Kismis) in a convenient 100g pack. Enjoy the natural goodness and versatility of these raisins for a quick and tasty snack, or as an ingredient in your culinary creations.

Buy the finest Natural Raisins (Kismis) from Desidukan Belghoria and elevate your snacking experience with this delectable and healthy treat.

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Natural Raisins (Kismis), 100 gm