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Lizol Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner, Jasmine 2 Ltr


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Lizol Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner is your go-to solution for keeping your home clean, fresh, and germ-free. With its powerful formula and refreshing Jasmine fragrance, this 2 Ltr bottle is perfect for effective cleaning and maintaining a hygienic environment.

When it comes to cleanliness, you can trust Lizol to deliver outstanding results. The disinfectant properties of this surface and floor cleaner help eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs, ensuring a safer living space for you and your family.

With it, you can easily remove dirt, stains, and tough grime from various surfaces. From floors and tiles to countertops and walls, this versatile cleaner leaves no residue behind, giving you spotlessly clean surfaces.

The soothing Jasmine scent adds a delightful freshness to your home, creating a pleasant ambiance that lasts. Whether you’re cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of your house, the long-lasting fragrance of Lizol will leave a lingering, inviting aroma.

By incorporating Lizol Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner into your cleaning routine, you can ensure a healthier and more hygienic home environment. Its advanced formula not only cleans effectively but also provides protection against common household germs.

Shop now at Desidukan and experience the power of it. With easy online ordering and prompt delivery, maintaining a clean and germ-free home has never been more convenient. Don’t compromise on cleanliness – choose Lizol for a cleaner, fresher, and safer living space.

Regular use of it helps to maintain a clean and healthy environment. By eliminating germs and bacteria, it reduces the risk of infections and ensures the well-being of your family. Make it a part of your cleaning routine to enjoy a hygienic home.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of cleanliness with it. Order your 2 Ltr bottle today and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Choose Lizol Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner, Jasmine 2 Ltr, for its effective cleaning performance, refreshing fragrance, and ability to keep your home free from germs. With this trusted cleaner, you can confidently maintain a clean and germ-free living space for a healthier lifestyle.



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Lizol Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner, Jasmine 2 Ltr